Front Door Option!

Very excited to offer a new product, the Front Door vignette! Front Door Sketch – This is your personalized front door with your own decorations and personality.  I generally artistically remove the storm door.  Sometimes I will add the steps and/or porch area or landscaping, depending on how deep.  This drawing is 5” wide x […]

Blended Families

Congradulations to the Monros Family! This newly blended family married and moved into a new house all in the same week.  The blended family used to be called the Step-Family.  This change allows for other generations to be included into the mix.  The ability for all to work together to make a life is so […]


I notice the materials builders use on their projects.  This particular builder, Absolute Construction, used a combination of brick and Board and Batten. The concept of Board and Batten is a system of gapped wide vertial siding boards with narrow overlaying vertical battens to cover the gaps.  It allows for the natural expansion and contraction […]

New Look

I am very excited to showcase my new look of my images.  A very dear friend and photographer, Amber of Amber Foster Smith Photography saw I was struggling with my brand and suggested a new feel to my sketches! These new backgrounds frame my sketches beautifully, without taking away from the actual drawing. This lovely […]

Apex United Methodist Church

I ADORE the amazing worship locations in towns – Apex United Methodist Church is one of my favorites… Recently, I sketched Apex UMC, created notecards and sell them in Cocoon Gallery on Salem Street, Apex.  Stop in and grab a few to share with your friends! Starting in 1870, a bunch of dedicated, Christ-focused people […]

Costa Nido

Dear Friends of mine, recently retired to Pine Knoll Shores, on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina.  They worked their entire lives to scrimp, save and plan.  Life attempted to derail their retirement but they were clear on their vision of the future and a full-time home on the coast was the plan. It was […]

Red Roof Home

If you have ever driven through Holly Springs, you will spot the home with the beautiful red tin roof. This home is owned by a lovely family that purchased it 25 years ago.  Being built in 1896, it was in a state of neglect and disrepair.  Christine and her Husband lovingly restored the home, making […]

Super Bowl Champions

The Philadelphia Eagles shut out the New England Patriots in the LII Superbowl.  A fabulous game was played by both teams. Celebrate the victory with this amazing Sports Banner, sketched by me, Brenda Priest. Email me to purchase yours today.