Wrought Iron Railing

My most favorite railing on a front porch is Wrought Iron.

Back in the days of blacksmiths, they would actually work the heated iron in fires and manipulated the hot metal with mallets on an anvil to create the desired shape.  The earliest know ironwork date back to 3500BC.  In the 1650s, highly decorative iron balconies, stair railing & gates were fashionable.  As iron became more common, it was used for cooking utensils, stoves and other household uses.  The utilitarian used of the metal was for rivets, nails, wire and horseshoes.

Now the term Wrought Iron is actually a cast material, no longer handcrafted as the name would claim.  This does not lessen the beauty or the quality of the work.  The huge variety of designs allow the everyday homeowner the ability to use the materials in railings.

Brenda Priest
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