Home Sweet Home

Last client was so embarrassed that her Grandparent’s home was so small.  A home’s quality is not based on how big or small it is.  It’s is based on your memories.  That is a qualitative comparison, not quantitative.

My own Grandmother’s home was small too.  But so many details I remember from the house; the blueberry bushes in the back yard, the refrigerator, where you had to open it to get to the freezer.  She had a bent leg with arthritis so getting up and down was not easy.  She had a remote control for the TV on this huge long cord.  First one that I had ever seen…those are my memories.

Amy had such fond memories of sitting on the front porch swing with her Grandparents, and now her own 2 year-old daughter.  Those are special times that she will always have and never forget.

Whatever your memories are, I can help capture them.  You can then share with your friends too!

Brenda Priest
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