Fidelity Bank in Holly Springs

I adore the Fidelity Bank in Holly Springs. The branch has been in operation since 1978. The one-room bank has made done well for 32 years. With the growth and vision of the bank, they have outgrown their building.  When I started the business I went and opened a checking account.  I will always remember that excitement of opening that account.

The ribbon cutting for the new building was tonight.  I had grand plans of illustrating the building, but it fell off my list of things to do.  On my way home from the Cary Leads Group, I drove by the old building and snapped a pic.  It took 2-3 hours to illustrate.  Just in time!

I gave the illustration to the branch Manager, Natalie Babson.  She is a great leader and person.  She is also a Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce Ambassador.

I introduced myself to Mary W. Willis President & CEO  and to Billy T. Woodard, former-President.  I wanted to make my services available to any of the Fidelity branches.

I am so proud to live in Holly Springs, we are growing and growing!

Brenda Priest
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  1. Brenda, just love your work.

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