Custom Pen & Ink Home Portraits

Pen & Ink Home Portraits are perfect for housewarming, wedding, anniversary, and business gifts. Drawing sizes range from 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″ and larger. They come with a black matte and in a standard black frame. We wrap the portrait so it is ready to give as a gift or unwrap and enjoy yourself! Pricing is determined by the size/style of structure and amount of detail.

  • Option 1
    Front Door Sketch – This is your personalized front door with your own decorations and personality.  I generally artistically remove the storm door.  Sometimes I will add the steps and/or porch area or landscaping, depending on how deep.  This drawing is 5” wide x 7” wide comes with a black mat and frame with hanging capabilities or easel back.  The whole frame is 8” wide x 10” wide.  We can add up to two small lines of text.  $99 plus tax.
  • Option 2
    Small Whole House – This is the front of your whole house, depending on the size.  This showcases the overall house, landscaping, driveway/garage, sidewalk, and roof.  You will see the differences in the exterior materials.  This drawing is 7” wide x 5” wide comes with a black mat and frame with hanging capabilities or easel back.  The whole frame is 10” wide x 8” wide.  We can add up to two lines of text.  $199 plus tax.
  • Option 3
    Large Whole House – This is the front of your whole house, and partial side, depending on the size.  This showcases the overall house, landscaping, driveway/garage, sidewalk, and roof.  You will see the expanded differences in the exterior materials, shutters, and windows.  This drawing is 10” wide x 8” wide comes with a black mat and frame with hanging capabilities or easel back.  The whole frame is 14” wide x 11” wide.  We can add up to three lines of text.  $299 plus tax.


Black and white sketching is my groove!  I love drawing in pen & ink – a skilled I learned in college.  Working from a photograph, I am able to capture the essence of a location.  I can sketch your childhood home, current home, retail location, alma mater or that somewhere special you often visit.  Let’s work on a special project together and tell your story.

How do I photograph my Door or Home?
I work from your own two or three good-quality photographs (frontal and preferred angle views). Additional photos of details are appreciated. If there are trees blocking considerable portions of the house, try to include extra pictures to show what is behind the trees. If possible, please include a close-up shot of the front door area or any other details that are important in representing your home. All photographs will be returned with your finished products. I can also photograph your home if you are located in the North Carolina Triangle area, just ask!

Don’t worry about realtor signs, security signs, poor landscaping or garbage cans.  Since this is NOT PHOTOSHOP, I simply won’t sketch these items.  I do want to be sure to see what is behind any blocking items.  Just take another shot.

If there are specific items you want me to highlight please add pictures of these too!  In the past I have added; garden flags. Birdhouses, hummingbird feeders, house numbers, figurines, flower boxes/pots, benches, railings, balconies, wreaths, plaques, etc.  Whatever special detail you want I NEED TO KNOW!  It is easier to add at the beginning than the end.

DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS are also so important to me.
The minuet things tell your story… Becoming completely attached and emotionally invested in a pen & ink sketch, I get the feeling of home, not just a house or architecture.   That small detail of a US Flag that must be on the front porch of the drawing your childhood home is important but the understanding the meaning – your Uncle was a WWII Veteran and ever Sunday he ceremoniously hung the flag.  Is there a special rose bush that your Mom planted and meticulously groomed each spring?  Details are what I love!

Sometimes the picture you currently take does not reflect the way it was or the way you want me to sketch.  Send any older pictures or the era you are wanting.  Sometimes I can find older pictures or even Google Streetview images from years ago.

There is no need for you to crop the photo before sending it to me. In fact, it’s actually much better if you do no cropping at all. Depending on the size of the print you order, I will need to crop your photo.

How long does it take?
This entire process is done by my two hands.  Sometimes the workload is heavy or I am traveling doing Arts & Crafts Vendor shows or other times, you hit me at the right moment when I am free to start another project.  I say the process takes up to THREE WEEKS but can be less.  I’d rather err on the longer side and surprise you with it done early!

Will you send a proof?
YES!  Once I discuss what you are looking for with the pictures in my hands, we can discuss the timeline and the proof.  I like to send the proof once I am 90% done so you know the progression and to finalize the wording you would like, if any, along the bottom.  Some suggestions that have worked well in the past;

  • The Rogers Family
  • Home Sweet Home 1953-2019
  • Costa Nido (the name of the home/estate or property)
  • The Harrol’s Place
    Established 1942
  • Mom & Pops
    326 West Elms Street – Harrison, California
  • BettyAnn and Edward Rothchild
  • 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC

Any version of these work but two lines of text seem to work best.  Shoot me your ideas and we can see what works.

What do I get?
Frame Size  Mat Opening  Image Size

8″ x 10″       4.5″ x 6.5″       5″ x 7″

11″ x 14″     7.5″ x 9.5″       8″ x 10″

16″ x 20″     10.5″ x 13.5″  11″ x 14″

20″ x 24″     15.5″ x 19.5″  16″ x 20″

Each individual line is crafted to represent form and texture. Light and shadow is also a series of lines. This unique way of sketching brings life to the structure and the landscape around it. Each detail is added as an important element of the overall composition.

You will get a hand sketched fine detailed printed version of the original sketch.  Once I am done, I scan the image and add the text with Photoshop and then email you a proof.  These sketches come with a black matte in a plastic sleeve, NO FRAME.  You simply purchase your own at the local craft store.  Do not store the image in the sleeve for years on end, get it into a frame and enjoy my work!

When I package the sketch, it is with rigid cardboard that will not bend and will be stamped DO NOT BEND.  If it arrives to you in anything but perfect condition, reach out ASAP!

What does shipping cost?
I ship USPS Priority, which is usually 2-4 days.  This is an estimate as once your order ships, it is out of my hands and we are at the mercy of the USPS. This does come with free tracking and insurance.  If you need express delivery/overnight or anything else, let me know.

Copyright issues?
A copy of your sketch is kept on file for reorders. The image will remain the property of Your Door & More unless otherwise specified.  Some projects will be used for advertising purposes. Addresses and names will be changed to protect personal information.  All images are Copyright © by Brenda Priest and Your Door & More.  All Rights Reserved.

HELP, I need a gift fast! What are my options?
A Gift Certificate is the best option.  Since it is only me sketching I can only do so much.  This way the end user can have input into the sketch and help on the project.

Seasonal Orders

  • A sketch of someone’s door or home makes a great and unique holiday gift idea!
  • Please be aware of the time of year, as delays may occur due to the volume of work.
  • Celebrate your Christmas in July Sale! Beat the Holiday Rush…order your Christmas Cards now.