Patty Speaks with the President!

Patty at MMI Associates, had the pleasure of being in the audience at the recent visit of President Obama to North Carolina.  Patty was very interested in what he was proposing to better benefit her employees at MMI affordable health care costs, without having to add to her overhead.

Her direct question to the President was, “what current long-term social program created and run by the government should we look to as a model of success and one that we as taxpayers should be confident that a new government-run health care system would be better than the current system in place? In other words, what are you going to do differently?”  He looked directly at her and answered, then allowing a follow-up question  There was a cute little finger wagging that was also captured on the front cover of the New York Times.Finger wagging with the President

Your Door & More has been affiliated with Patty since the business start.  A friend of my Husband, I met with Patty 2 years ago and she helped with my first PR blitz.  I am eternally grateful that Patty has such a passion for helping other women in business.  She is a firm believer we can all help other women by sharing wisdom, giving a hand up, not hand out and giving guidance.

Congrats to Patty and MMI Associates!

Brenda Priest
Your Door & MorePresident Obama Speaks with Patty from MMI Associates

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