New Construction In California

A  friend moved far-far away.  I hate that Pam and her family needed to transfer to such a distant location, but you do what you have to.  She has adjusted to life in CA.

I am finding the architecture is so different in California than the South Eastern United States.  I think the sliding windows are so interesting.  In North Carolina, we use double-hung windows.  You can open the top or bottom sash for ventilation without letting in the rain.  Since the rain is so far and few between in CA, they can use windows that open differently ~ side to side.

Another unique feature of homes in the West is the use of overhangs.  The sun is intense so sun protection is essential.  Overhangs on the roof, to prevent from the harsh sun from coming in is imperative.  The sun is a year –round hazard.

Amazing how different areas of the country have different architecture!

Brenda Priest
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