Historic Fuquay-Varina

Historic Fuquay-Varina has an interesting past.  The area was known as “Piney Woods” by locals, owned by the Burts, Jonses & Rowlands.  A French, Revolutionary war veteran named Fuquay Mineral SpringsFuquay purchasing land in 1805.  A natural spring was found in 1858 and “taking the waters” became a rage.  As a detestation for the Carolinas, it became an attraction, with hotels, and then the railroad catering to a travelers needs.  Fuquay Springs incorporated.

A woman donated her time to writing morale boosting letter to the troops for the Civil war, she simply signed her name as Varina.  It captured the interest of a soldier named Ballentine.  He sought her out and brought her to the area to settle.  He named his store and post office, across from the mineral springs, Varina.  Varina Station became a neighborhood community.

The two communities combined in 1964.  The town has two distinct  historic areas, with thriving downtown businesses.  They work independently and separately at the same time.

The surrounding homes can date back to the 1800s.  This lovely home, back behind the busy US55 interchange is a charming bungalow with a feel of the past but the modernization of the current era.Fuquay

Brenda Priest
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