Hello, After Christmas!

Hello!  I have made it through to the other side!  I learned so much last year about preparation for my busy season.

The day after Thanksgiving, I got all my Christmas decorations out, tree up and the home set.  My gifts were mostly purchased.  Unfortunately the kids kept changing their lists.  I had already decided that I would send New Year’s cards instead of Christmas cards from the Priest Family and from Your Door & More.  I had hired someone to cut and fold the cards too.  All the work was done for the Apex Historical Society Christmas card sale.  My ducks were in a row.  Orders were pouring in and I was ready.  Still I was caught unprepared!

I had some late night sessions, a few tears but all-and-all it was a great year for Your Door & More.  I sold more 5″ x 7″ and 8″ x 10″ portraits than cards this year.  I think that people are not sending as many cards this year, as postage is up from last year and people are cutting back.

I have taken a hiatus for a few days to celebrate with my Family.  I am not back in the saddle, and starting on posting each and every drawing that I have sketched this season.  Everyone has a story behind it, a feeling and a purpose.  I love telling the story of each one!

We also have had a rare beautiful winter storm that blew into North Carolina.  With 8 inches of snow on the ground I am looking out the window and seeing the beauty all around me!

Merry Christmas!

Brenda Priest
Your Door & More

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