Computer Versus Hand Drawn

Computer Generated Sketch

This morning, I woke up and saw the Parade of Homes preview catalog.  I was so dismayed that the catalog had the homes Computer generated.  Each brick is not individually drawn, but laid on like a blanket.

As a child I remember watching Snow White and The Seven Dwarves.  The details of the animation is awesome.  The head animator would draw the key frames and have others fill in between.  This process was tedious, expensive and time consuming.  Many fill in artists were never even credited for their work, though they worked a majority of the film.

Computer Generated Cel

Hand Drawn Cel

When Toy Story came out, it was a new revolutionary way to animate a full length movie.  Disney/Pixar created a unique way of complete computer generated animation.  The cost was down BUT the human element of the design and appearance was different.  The missing humanistic warmth was missing.  Some purists felt this was too far a departure from the original hand drawn feel.

My mission is a warm personal feel about sketches of homes.  I learned how to draft using a pencil on a drafting board.  The feel of pencil in hand, the connection to the paper is exhilarating for me.  The shift to pen & ink was easy for me.  Pencil & ink smudges can be easily avoided with planning.  Each line is stategically placed, largest lines to small details.

Adding those individual items that have personal meaning is extremely important to me.  The past few years, I have added; porch swings, American flags, rose bushes,  hand-made stained glass, planters, trees (particularly ones that people have fallen out of), cracks in the sidewalk (one bride had broken a heel on the way out to the ceremony).  All these details are memorable to the viewer.

Stained Glass Detail

What is the special detail on your house?   I can draw attention to it and you can have a copy of it for ever.

Brenda Priest
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