CHANGE IS GOOD! David Bowie has, Facebook and Google constantly changing, are you?

I recently looked at my ‘About Brenda’ page of my website and it seemed out of date. I took a few minutes to update with current events, add a few new tweaks, access my searchable key words and give a general new feel. This overall re-fresh does not effect my brand or my mission/vision of my business. You could possibly give the analogy of giving a new coat of paint to a room, not changing the size but just the feel of the room.

As a business owner, change and being able to adapt is essential to my survival in this & any market. I can decide today to change anything about my business, the payment method, the prices, the logo, or the website. If I was a huge company, I would have to assemble a committee, do a test-study, test market, analyze the changes and perhaps a year or two later we could initiate the changes.

You would not want to water-down or dilute your brand or image often, as you might lose your message. Too many changes too fast can be confusing and dangerous, especially if you already have your target audience. Stale is boring and not memorable.

Now that I have made those small changes, I plan on looking at my other profiles; Facebook, Twitter, Inside919 and LinkedIn. These are some of the venues clients find me. I want current and fresh information.

How have changes helped and hurt your business?

Brenda Priest
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