Apex United Methodist Church

I ADORE the amazing worship locations in towns – Apex United Methodist Church is one of my favorites…

Recently, I sketched Apex UMC, created notecards and sell them in Cocoon Gallery on Salem Street, Apex.  Stop in and grab a few to share with your friends!

Starting in 1870, a bunch of dedicated, Christ-focused people began building the Apex UMC Family of Faith Communities through a legacy of transforming the world for Christ.  Even back then we were a church, really a movement of God’s people, dedicated to missions and ministries with a vision to share the gospel with our community. The people of that early church started this Southwest Wake County Methodist movement to share God’s holy grace with community – and it continues with all of us still today.

In fact, God’s calling for our current faith communities was seeded in those early years. Back then, we were part of a four-point charge – Apex was partnered with three other congregations located in Holly Springs, Macedonia, and Cary. Four churches with one pastor, a circuit rider, who traveled on horseback to preach the gospel on Sundays —  alternating between congregations. Some might say, this was the beginning of the multi-site concept for Apex UMC – multiple congregations connected together in mission for the sake of the community.

Since then we’ve grown, faced challenges, rebuilt. The denomination has changed and merged. Our culture has changed, evolved. But, the needs of the people we serve remain — they are all seeking God’s love and grace. They search for a place to find comfort and peace among everyday trials. They look for the light in the darkness. God is using our church to share Christ as the only hope when all is lost. Because of the faithfulness of many disciples – clergy, lay leaders, and devout congregations alike – we are living the circuit rider legacy still today.

Our predecessors first started just around the corner at Elm St. and East Moore St. in a sanctuary built in 1872. It burned to the ground just seven years later. The Apex campus location we know today – the third church –  was constructed in 1917.

As the community around us grew – so did Apex UMC.  By 1952 we served 143 members – strong numbers for such a small community on the outskirts of Raleigh. The congregation recognized God’s calling to transform lives for Christ. So, they built the education building and fellowship hall to support growth and create opportunities to realize this vision.

taken from website https://apexumcfamily.org/ourstory/