2018 Announcement

I am excited to to announce – by popular demand

Bank of America Stadium, Carolina Panthers

While living in North Carolina, my banner manufacturer has not had a huge demand for any stadiums in NC.  Most shows I have been a vendor, that is the first thing I am asked.  Do you have the Panthers, they are an NHL team.  I have persisted and they agreed to pursue the reproduction license.

Learning more about the process…which takes 90+ days

  1. There is a request at a trade show by a team Owner/Manager
  2. A request is placed with the agency; the NFL, NHL, MLB or the license agency
  3. A mock-up is created
  4. Approval/denial by the agency/team
  5. A sketch is created by Artist, Brenda Priest
  6. Scanned image is added to the mock-up
  7. Entire mock-up is sent to the manufacturer
  8. Product is received and distributed to vendors and ME
  9. YOU make the purchase

The image you see is the mock-up, the sketch has not been applied yet, you will need to wait until April to see the actual banner

Thanks for your support!
Brenda Priest