Chamber Ambassadors

The Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce has always been my nirvana of business. I had fear joining, thinking that I didn’t have a store front so I didn’t deserve to be part of that. It was my own stereo-type. There are a variety of businesses in the Chamber. I attended my fist meeting and found many had store fronts but many worked out of their homes, like me!

I also was intimidated by the fact the Mayor was in attendance at most meetings. Not to say that Mayor Sears is not a warm and friendly person, but just the fact that he is the Mayor. After nearly a year, he actually knows my name and greets me personally at every event. I had to get rid of my predisposition before I could allow others in.

The Chamber has a program called The Ambassadors. They are a small group of business owners that regularly attend the events, and are welcoming to the other businesses and host events. That whole concept intrigued me. The only requirement is show up! I am already doing that. It gives me an ‘in’ to contact businesses directly. I send reminder emails to them to attend events and be there to answer questions.

One of my charges, a new orthodontist in Holly Springs responded to my hello and wanted to schedule a ribbon cutting.  At this event, we invite all members of the Chamber to come out and welcome them into the community. All elected officials are encouraged to attend. Its a nice meet and greet. Usually the new business will provide lunch or appetizers and beverages. The culmination of the event is the actual “Ribbon Cutting.” We all pose for a picture that gets run in the Holly Springs Sun. It’s really fun!

During the month there are a variety of events, a Breakfast Eye Opener at Java Divine, first Tuesday of the month, 8:00-10, Business After-Hours, hosted by a local business, dinner, drinks and more relaxed networking, an annual Golf Tourney (not my thing), and various educational events.

My foray into the business world has been great so far. I really look forward to where I land next!

Brenda Priest
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