Business Cards and CRM

Business cards clog your desk, briefcase and my purse.  I collect business cards from all locations and people I talk to.  What do you do with them? For a long time, I wrote notes on them in pencil and kept them on my desk.  After they became scattered, I rubber banded them with a tag […]

In a Strip Mall?

“Brenda, I really want a drawing of my store-front business, but it’s in a strip mall, that is not gonna’ look good.”  This is an exact quote from a friend. The details are what set my drawings apart from a photograph.  I can eliminate the unsightly things, the cars, the parking spaces, the benches or […]

Time Blocking & Mr. Franklin

Ben Franklin has saved my business! What does Benjamin Franklin have to do with pen & ink illustrations?  Time management. I am in the unique position, as a solo-preneur, that all is done by me.  The marketing, materials purchase, client acquisition, sales, production, delivery and the financials.  All in a 6 hour day, minus the […]

Know, Like & Trust

Those three words are quickly becoming my new mantra for my business growth.  I do business with and depend on those I know, like & trust. I am taking the 100 Days to Abundance at Team Nimbus, with Bill Davis.  In the process of the class, you learn to look at your relationships as more […]

The House that Built Me

That is one of the newest songs on the country radio charts. Miranda Lambert sings of her search for meaning, by going back to the home she grew up in. She wanders through the house, recalling all the simpler times as a child, the lessons she learned and how it formed her as an adult. […]

Deployed in Iraq

I was contacted via my website from a woman that lived in the neighborhood.  She had seen my name and work on Facebook from neighbors and knew of me from the same school our children attend.  She was interested in getting a sketch of her Brother’s home in Texas.  The only problem was, she did […]

Hello, After Christmas!

Hello!  I have made it through to the other side!  I learned so much last year about preparation for my busy season. The day after Thanksgiving, I got all my Christmas decorations out, tree up and the home set.  My gifts were mostly purchased.  Unfortunately the kids kept changing their lists.  I had already decided […]

Rex Health Care in Holly Springs!

I was honored to be an attendee of the Rex Health Care in Holly Springs, Groundbreaking Ceremony.  Rex has for many years tried breaking into Holly Springs.  There is not one in the southwestern corner of Wake County.  There has been a need and a petition for a hospital too.  Rex has many small Health […]