You just never know when your networking encounter will pay off.  Glad I made my 10-second pitch and handed out a business card and brochure!

I am an Inside919 member.  A virtual for networking location.  There is a Holly Springs Group that meets monthly.  We all share the common interest in networking where we live.  I attended the event at Southern Roast Coffee in Holly Springs.  There were 20 or so people there, some I knew from other networking venues others I have seen their profiles on Inside919, others were new faces.  In situations like this you push yourself to meet some new faces, exchange business cards and find a common interest.

On the first meeting of the Holly Springs Group, I met John Carmenate of Realty World on Salem Street in Apex, North Carolina.  Our interaction was casual, we exchanged business cards and commented that we both live in the same Subdivision in Holly Springs.  We moved on to other people.  The event ended and I made some notes on the back of his business card.  It helps me remember when and where we met.  The card was filed in my business card book I keep at my desk for reference.

I was at my desk one afternoon and John called.  At first I did not recognize him, but he explained we had met at Inside919.  It rang a bell in my head.  He had sold a home to a family and wanted to give them a thanks you gift, as he was the buying agent.  We decided on a framed and matted 5″ x 7″ home portrait.  The new homeowners will forever have a memento of this purchase.

You just never know when and where you will meet your client.  Glad I took the time to make an impression on him.  I had my 10-second pitch ready of what Your Door & More can do for him as a Real Estate Agent.   Do you have your 10-second pitch ready?

Brenda Priest
Your Door & More

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