What Does She Do Again?

I have a dear friend, whom I have known for nearly 10 years.  We watched our children grow together, we know each others husband, parents and siblings.  I can call on Laurie, day or night, in any situation and I know she will be there for me.  On more than one occasion, she has rescued each other when we had to rush to the ER for various things over the years.

Laurie’s Momma has been a great supporter of me too.  She religiosity sends Christmas cards and Birthday greetings.  When I started the business, she did not understand exactly what I did.  Laurie tried to explain on a number of occasions, Momma did just not understand.

This year, Laurie thought a great idea was an illustration of their Wilmington, North Carolina home.  It oozes with Southern charm, as she and her Momma are North Carolina natives.  Knowing that Momma is a stickler everything, I did not matte and frame the illustration, she knows the best framer in Wilmington.

Now that Christmas is over, Momma understands what I do and loves it!

Brenda Priest
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