Wake Forest & New Construction

Yikes, headed to Wake Forest before the Holiday rush to snap some pictures of a new construction home in the Heritage subdivision.  Before I head out, I always look on Google Maps for directions but thought, “oh, I know exactly where Heritage is and how to get there”.  Was I WRONG!

Years ago, I was in outside sale for a company that sold blinds.  I went out and met clients, measured and quoted prices.  I knew the Triangle inside and out.  Back roads were my passion, I could get from here to there without going on a major road.  Knew where all the subdivisions were and the back entrances too.  Needless to say that was from 1993-1996.  Did the stay-at-home Mom thing and now that I am out and about more, what a shock!

I got totally lost in Heritage, the address was not on Google Maps nor could any site agent in Heritage tell me where this new construction was.  I had to hang my head low and call the buying agent that contracted me.  Lesson learned for me!  Find where the street is BEFORE you leave home!

Brenda Priest
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