W. F. Utley built this house at 406 Elm Street, facing the railroad tracks, around  1870 for Dr. A. J. Thompson, but later acquired it for himself. A prominent Apex merchant, Mr Utley was a Wake County Commissioner, a postmaster, and a Justice of the Peace.  The A. J. Fletcher family inherited the house and property, and subsequently sold it to Verne and Mary Lee Tunstall around 1940.   Mr. Tunstall was an early Apex Town Commissioner and farmer.  For  many years the Tunstall family put a single red candle in each window at Christmas.  Since the house stood apart on a knoll, the lights became a part of
the decorations on historic Salem Street.  The town of Apex  bought the property in 1997 to build the Town Campus.   The house became a Wake County Landmark in 2003.

All proceeds from this card will be donated to the Apex Historical Society.

Brenda Priest
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