Top Secret Projects

Love helping someone with a ‘Top Secret’ gift!

I was comissioned by one neighbor to illustrate another neighbor’s home for a milestone birthday.  Since it was for a birthday, I had to be covert.  Made sure Beth & Bob were not home and did a drive by shooting.

Funny, you can look at a house for years and years and really never see the details.  I don’t think I knew that they had a lamp post in the yard.  Most new homes don’t have lamp posts, I don’t!  I want a lamp post now!  Driving through the neighborhood, I only counted 3 out of 200 homes, that is low!  It adds warmth and charm at night and draws the bugs away from the front door.  To get one, I would have to have a tunnel underneath the side walk and that sounds way-way too complicated, an electrician is required and a switch put somewhere.  Forget it!

Well, the upside is Beth loved the illustration and Chris & Lisa gave an original, unique gift!

Brenda Priest
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