Thee Old Well

I have been working with this one particular Realtor for quite some time now. I know the volume and volume at which she works. I know how she sends me the jobs and her particular needs and wants. She had a stream of closings and spoke to me after a meeting about a particular job. This was an older home down toward Sanford, North Carolina. The new owners were planning on renovating the home and she did not feel that a sketch of the house was appropriate. On the property, she said there was an old well. It had been a functioning well at one point but now it has fallen into decay. It held a certain indescribable charm and character that seemed to fit the owners. She snapped some pictures and thought it would be great as a gift.

I was unsure of what the well was going to look like but to my amazement, it was gorgeous! The original well was made of brick. Those bricks has aged wonderfully and started showing signs of decay. The old bucket used for retrieving the water was still there too. Made from wood, it too had signs of age, but not in a damaging way but in an artful way. Wow! What a perfect piece of history for this property. Ivy starting to overtake the sides, leaves scattered about and a perfect moment captured on camera.

I thought this would make a great arty piece to show at the Western Wake Artist Studio Tour, Sneak Peak Show at the Cary Arts Center. It would portray my depth as an artist but still fulfill the need of my client. I was right. October 29th was the opening night. I heard comments, oohs and aahs. Great piece.

I don’t just work with homes but also architectural structures too!

Brenda Priest
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