The Professional For The Job

This sketch was a joint gift from the Realtor AND the mortgage officer. The client, a first-time homeowner, had been a challenge. The couple had worked, scrimped and saved for the chance to move out of a rental property. Both had bad credit and a past history of not so good financial choices. Alas, the mortgage officer was able to find just the right loan program for their future. Depending on their credit scores, how much they had in debt, the found a Government sponsored program, which was nearly tailor made for their situation.

That is the benefit of going to a specialist and expert. They know the market, what is out there and the ins-and-outs of how to optimize the situation for the best end results. Before I started in this business, I never knew how complicated and specialized this field was. These mortgage professionals are highly trained and must maintain a certain level of educational CEU (Continuing Educational Units) to keep their status.

The moral of the story…go to a professional for professional results!

Brenda Priest

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