The Log Cabin

This beautiful log cabin is in the North Carolina mountains.  A friend of my Husband wanted to gift it to friends who just purchased this seasonal home.  Their plans are to rent it out but when they are up for a summer spot, away from the heat and congestion of the Triangle, and cool off in the mountains.  They are also skiers.  This cabin is at the base of Sugar Mountain.  It beats paying for accommodations in the peak of the season.  The cabin itself is new, having all the modern conveniences of home but still has a rustic feel, nestled beneath the tall cool trees.  A weekend escape would be great right about now, as the temperatures are in the dangerous 100’s in the North Carolina Triangle.

That was one of those on my list that I have always wanted to sketch:

  • a TALL church
  • a lighthouse
  • a bed & breakfast
  • a beach house
  • a log cabin
  • a historic mansion

If you need something special to gift to a friend or relative, this might be the perfect thing!

Brenda Priest
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