The Devil Is In The Details

Another one for Tim Moore of Dancing Elephants Achievement Group of Cary, of his In-Law’s home in Virginia.

This home is a beautiful cabin on a couple dozen acres of wooded land in western Virginia.  This was a pure joy to illustrate.  The floor-to-ceiling windows are amazing, stone fireplace and wrap-around porch is an illustrator’s dream!  I had a blast working on all those details.  I even noticed a weather vane on the left-hand side of the home.  Tim had forgotten about that.  He appreciated the attention I took on all the details of making it look right.  Guess the weather vane is a family joke, no one knows what it actually is!  The more detailed it is, the more I get into it!

Hope the In-Laws appreciated the thoughtful 8″ x 10″ home portrait!

Brenda Priest
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