The Amazing Magic Of…

The Amazing Magic of… Wayne Anderson.  He has dazzled me for years in networking groups and at my own Sister’s birthday party, where I hired him.  My children consider him a person friend.  He is a networking powerhouse.  I never knew much about him personally though.  He commissioned me to illustrate his childhood home.

He emailed me 8 snapshots.  They were of a small, unassuming one-story home in a suburb of Maryland.  He asked for specific details to not be overlooked.  The American Flag must be shown, the fire hydrant needs to moved to it’s original location, and the peach trees must be shown.  The home is on a the corner of Maple and North Griffin Streets.  The town signpost must be shown too.  These personal detail created the magic for Wayne.

Wayne asked for an original and two reprints for him Brothers.  They were visibly moved at their pre-Christmas celebration in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  His Mother asked if she could have a copy too.  He did not originally purchase one for her, as traditionally she does not like gifts, but prefers cash.  Amazing, she wanted one too!

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