Second Blooming From a Photograph

Betsy Smith is a woman that had a second blooming in her life.  Second Blooming for Women: Growing A Life That Matters After Fifty, that is.   She is co-author of the book.  (This link is broken at the time of blog post)

Betsy came and spoke at my Coffee & Contacts, a women-only networking group a number of years ago.  She has just published her book.  She talked about that when a woman turns 50, she can put her head in the sand or plans new sees in better soil.  The uses the gardening theme to compare and contrast the growing zones of a woman.  I was taken with her speaking skills and her attitude to growing older.

There are suggestions to keep balanced too, listening to music, keeping a gratitude journal, speak positively, give and accept compliments graciously and develop affirmations.

While visiting a friend in the mid-West, Betsy used her Smart Phone to snap some up-close shots of her friends home and I was able to use Google – Street View to get the overall shape of the building.  I thought it brilliant, as her phone did not allow for an overall shot of the house.  Talk about a creative spirit…go Betsy!

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