SearStone Community Card

I am very fortunate to have a former employer that is very generous.  I approached Bill Sears in September to pitch Your Door & More to him.  He is and Architect I used to work for and the visionary of SearStone – a Senior community nestled into 75 acres of rolling North Carolina Beauty, with its own lake, clubhouse, conservatory, shopping village, residential neighborhoods, all in one place.

He commissioned the official Sears Family Christmas card.  I was overjoyed since I have kept up a great relationship with him and I have a personal vested interest in the development.  When I used to work there, 9 years ago, he was in the vision phase of the project.  We made model, floor plans and drawings for years until he thought it was what he envisioned.  Well its actually happening.  The 100 year-old family farm house was torn down 5 years ago and the process has started.

For more information…www.SearStone.com

Brenda Priest

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