millerI love old houses!

I received an email a number of weeks ago from Jon.  He lived in a great bungalow in downtown Raleigh and was interested in an illustration.  I replied to his email and never heard anything about it again.  A few days later, I received a call from Craig, his partner.  They had been discussing it one day and Craig thought it would be a great birthday gift for Jon.  We covertly met, unbeknown to Jon and took pictures of the home.  I saw first-hand the finer details of a classic bungalow; the mailbox on the fence, the numbers on the front door, beautifully detail the 1950’s style bungalow.  The side porch is also a mainstay of their home life.  He wanted me to include the porch and the billowing curtains, they pull privacy.  It was too much for me!  I am in love with this home!

I just delivered the illustration to Craig today.  He and Jon were going to celebrate Jon’s birthday this evening.  A completely wrapped illustration from Your Door & More makes a great birthday gift.

Tell the story of your home, I will illustrate it for someone you love!

Brenda Priest
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