New Homeownership

Remember, way back when you bought your first house?  I do.  It was a tiny home in Cary, off Cary Parkway.  It has 6 windows and 3 doors.  Running at just over 1,000 square feet, I thought it was the CAT’S PAJAMAS!

New Homeownership for some is just a natural progression of life.  For some it is the beginning of a new life with a partner, for others, it’s the first time in a generation ever living in something you own.  For me, I grew up in a hand built home.  I knew someday that I would own.  Once I got out into the world and started paying bills, balancing the household budget and dealing with real money, I realized how wasteful it was to write a check every month to rent.  It gave me the flexibility that I wanted but long-term, no way!  Before I understood mortgages, interest, and insurance, the thought of buying a home at $200,000 seemed unreal.

I was very, very fortunate, my in-laws offered to fund a big wedding or a small wedding and a house deposit.  We definitely opted for the latter.  We could never have scraped together 10 or even a 20% down payment.  So our little home in Cary was our dream

After a few years of living there, realizing we were living in a space smaller than our apartment, we realized it was time to upgrade!  That is when the real power begins.  You know it will be a 30 year mortgage, and at the time, we actually built in Holly Springs.  That got us too, with building, there are so many other add-ons.

Homeownership is wonderful, expect when your hot water heater stops working with a houseful of guests or the lawn needs cutting in August, with 89% humidity and 98-degrees!

Here is a little home in a well established neighborhood in Holly Springs.  Congrats to the new first time home-buyers!

Brenda Priest
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