MacGregor Downs Country Club


This has become an annual client.  Love that my work goes out to nearly 750 members of the club, in the form of a Season’s Greetings card.

They had posted a request for a unique looking illustration.  Last year, I had illustrated the hearth and mantle, decorated with poinsettia plants.  This year we went for the lake view side of the building, from the 18th hole.  It gives a unique perspective that can only be seen from the green.

I enjoyed drawing this building, you can see over the years the added construction and wings.  The latest will be a replacement for the semi-permanent tent that is up.  By creating a larger atrium, they can accommodate a ladies luncheon club and expanding their seating by up to 100 people.

Thanks to the Staff at MacGregor for this wonderful ongoing project!

Brenda Priest
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