MacGregor Country Club

I received an email from a friend that saw an ad on Craig’s List.  The ad was looking for an artist for a Christmas card.  I unknowing responded.  Little did I know, it was for MacGregor Downs Country Club!

I went for the initial contact interview at the club.  They were so excited, after seeing my work on the website, they were interested in a card of the stone fireplace, the club crest and  the leather chairs in front.  The fireplace mantle would be also decorated with the usual holiday splendor.  White lights and red poinsettias, packages dressed in bows.

The cards have been sent out to all the 750 members, listed on the website and a small article in their newsletter, the Bag Piper.

So excited to see what they want illustrated next year, as they want a long term relationship, year after year.

Brenda Priest
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