Have a love affair/hate relationship with leaves?  For me nothing says fall than the colors; flaming reds, oranges,  golden, amber, scarlet red.  The entire senses are activated, crunch, smell.   Actually kinda gross decaying leaves, but that is part of the process.

My memory is then engaged.  I see my kids raking leaves at my Mother’s house and then rolling in them.  Fondest memory is when ,”Grandma’s shoe fell off!”  We still joke about that.  Later that evening, while getting ready for bed, finding leaves and parts of leaves in places they should not be!  Oh, so that was what the itchy feeling was.

Raking also created blisters.  Everything you grab for the next week hurts.  Washing dishes, bathing.

Leaf blowers.  Not a favorite of mine.  The droning noise and decibel levels that can border on damaging.

For me, one or two trees in the front yard is perfect, with a host of trees bordering the back yard.  This house is perfect for that!

I can capture your house in whatever season you would like!

Brenda Priest
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