Holly Springs School For Early Education

People come in and out of your life at interesting moments.  When my oldest child was in third grade, she had a wonderful Teacher’s Assistant in her classroom.  Ms. Collins was a very caring helper.  Fourth grade came and I never saw Ms. Collins again.  When I was at the local arts festival working in my Your Door & More booth, I saw Ms. Collins again.  She filled me in on her life in the past few years, she was working on her degree and certification while she was a TA, now she is the owner and manager of a Holly Springs School For Early Education.  This is a Four Star Preschool with the Star Ratings system from the Division of Child Development, VERY prestigious.

She was interested in an illustration from Your Door & More to use as stationary for the school.  I was able to illustrate the beautiful building she owns and supply her with note cards and address labels.

I am so proud of her for following her dream of owning, managing and teaching in her own facility.  It shows what determination and persistence can do.  Thank you Ms. Collins for being a role model for women business owners everywhere and for being an outstanding Teacher’s Assistant to my child.

Brenda Priest

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