From a Portrait to a Holiday Card?

Bell-XmasI have been asked by a former client,  can you make a Holiday Card from my home illustration?”  The answer is YES!

The perfect example is Mrs. Bell, winner of the Second Chance Pet Adoption Silent Auction.  I had illustrated her and her Husband’s home.  She now wants Holiday cards.  The hard work is done, by having the illustration done, I can scale the image down to fit a  5″ x 7″ Greeting Card.  I added some Holiday wreaths and presto, a beautiful card to send to family and friends.

The cost associated with this is usually one half the cost of the Note Card or Greeting Card cost.  There would be additional charges for printing on the inside of the card or for hand-coloring.  The best thing to do is to contact Brenda for an exact cost.

Brenda Priest
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