Edward Jones – New Office in Raleigh

A good friend of mine, Toni Drapkin has opened her own Edward Jones office in Southern Raleigh.  I met Toni through Women’s Power Networking – Coffee & Contacts Apex Chapter.  She is a very dedicated individual woman who is helping other women access their financial goals and then give them to tools to reach their financial dreams.  She has been working out of her home for the past 18 months but finally opened her own office

Her office is on the corner of Highway 50 and Highway 42, in Southern Raleigh.  She is in a strip mall and when I offered to do an illustration, I don’t she was too sure what it would look like.  Her ribbon cutting was July 29.  My co-organizer and I attended the event for moral support and I also wanted to present her with the matted and framed illustration.  She was visibly moved!  Toni showed the drawing to each person in attendance.  I was honored she thought so much of it.

Toni was fascinated that I took the trouble to put her name on the door in the illustration, she told me yesterday she took a magnifying glass to see and she said, “my name was actually on the door!”  Those small details I don’t forget.

Good luck Toni!

Brenda Priest
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