Color Illustrations?!

“Can Your Door & More do color illustrations?”  For years that answer is no.  I strictly do black & white illustrations.  I have dabbled in a ‘hint of color’ for the Holidays but that was the extent.

A number of months ago, a builder contacted me requesting homes for a neighborhood brochure he is building.  He wanted color.  Initially I said no.  Mulling it over in my head, I said, “why not!”

I have many, many friends who are artists.  One had recently joined my networking group and I proposed collaborating to create full color illustrations.  We composed a sample for the builder and he loved it!  A win-win situation for all!  We are doing 14 full color illustrations.  This was the initial sample illustration!

Just ask if you are interested in something other than what I do, it’s Your Door AND MORE!

Brenda Priest
Your Door & More

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