Business and Family Time

I am fortunate to have a friend as a client.  Cheryl is a wonderful person and friend.  I met her through another mutual friend.  She had lived in Holly Springs for quite some time then moved overseas for her husband’s job.  Now she is back in the area.  She was the perfect client for Your Door and More because she has been in her house just under a year.  She really decks her house out in the Holiday spirit.  Its a good showcase for our work.

I really respect Cheryl’s commitment to family too.  In my process of working, I sent a proof for her review.  I had not heard a response from her so I just sent a quick, “hello, did you get my prior email.”  She pleasantly responded, stating yes, but yesterday was a family day (Veteran’s Day) and did not get the chance to reply yet.  I respect her boundaries with business and family.  I sometimes blur the lines in my own personal life.  I get busy with all my things and forget that if it were not for my family I would not be here doing this business.

Lisa, my business partner does a wonderful job at separating Business and Family time.  Lessons in my life I guess will re-occur until I master them.

I need to send a special thank you to Cheryl and Lisa for being role models in my life.

Brenda Priest

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