Ashworth Drugs

Founded in 1957, Ashworth Drugs has been the cornerstone of the heart of downtown Cary, North Carolina.  This full-service pharmacy also has a soda fountain has been an integral part of the store and downtown Cary ever since its opening. Soda Fountain specialties include: Homemade chicken, tuna and egg salads Fresh-squeezed orangeades and lemonades Cherry, vanilla and chocolate sodas Milkshakes and floats And the best Hot Dogs in town!

Ashworth Drugs provides Hallmark greeting cards and miscellaneous gift items for all ages. Many first aid items and over-the-counter medications are also available as you would expect at any pharmacy.

This is 3 of 5 drawing of downtown Cary that will be for sale at Lazy Daze, August 27, 9-5, booth A37.

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