A Wonderful 40’s Era Home

I was contacted by a woman for a 5″ x 7″ home portrait for a Christmas gift for her Mother.  When I received the pictures in the mail I was pleased to see a beautiful 40’s style ranch.  The brick is the classic color, with red batten and board siding.  The home remind me of my Grandmother’s home.  She has been gone for 30 years but I do remember Grandmother Ross’ home fondly.  That smell, the kitchen, the front room with the console TV with the corded remote control, the picture window and all.  It was a wonderful stroll down memory lane for me.  She had blueberry bushes in the yard and would make the best preserves you ever tasted.  I guess that’s why I try to pick every year and make some for my own personal consumption.

I have to mention this to my client, it was a fantastic stroll down memory lane for me, especially during the holidays!

Brenda Priest

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