“Brenda, I only have one picture of my house from 1970, it’s not the way that I remembered it either!”  Heard that many times before, I can possibly work with that!

KathyLynn grew up in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.  Her family purchased the home in 1950, she lived upstairs with her Mother and her Grandparents lived downstairs.  The front yard cherry tree was chopped down by her Grandmother, hanging out the window waiting for the ice cream man and roller skating down the sidewalk.  The family no longer owns the home but those memories live on and on in KathyLynn’s mind.  KathyLynn has the furniture that was her Grandparents and is currently using it, this heritage is important to pass to KathyLynn’s daughter.

The only picture she had was a two piece picture, taped together, but there was a flag pole that needed to be removed, and an evergreen and a cherry tree that needed to be added.  The porch was all wrong and Grandma is in the picture too.  With creative license, I was able to recreate the image she remembered and how she can share that with her daughter!

Is there a special place you loved to visit as a child or grew up?  Don’t hesitate a moment, call now and see if we can recreate that special feeling for you and future generations!

Brenda Priest
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