540 And The Impact

The 540 – Raleigh Outer Loop is in the process of being built.  It was designed to alleviate the local traffic around Raleigh and connecting the outer areas to other outer areas.

With these construction projects, they come with a HUGE price tag, mainly the acquisition of property and the physical construction costs.  The upper portion of 540 has been done and open for nearly 2 years.  As construction is completed, it is opened for traffic.  As time goes on, the costs have escalated and there was a suggestion of opening up as a toll road.  The citizens have balked but the decision has been made, the toll road is now open, but tolled only on the lower portion.

When the entire route is complete, this home will be within a mile of an exit ramp, creating a huge reselling point.  This homeowner will have a price tag goldmine of a home.

Regardless of where this house is located, this will be a wonderful home for a family to have their life!

Brenda Priest
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