Raleigh North Carolina Temple ~ The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saintsbachmann-proof

I have always been curious about this building.  I didn’t know anyone that was a member but my interest was piqued when I was asked to illustrate for notecards.

When I met my client at the site, I asked if we could visit the inside.  She said only members are allowed in the building, as it is a sacred temple.  They do have another Temple and Fellowship Hall that that all are invited to visit.

I was entranced with the architecture of the build.  The white stone marble and intricate details are enticing for a lover of buildings.

The entire Temple is surrounded by a wrought iron fence.  The grounds were amazing too.  A meticulous grounds crew made sure there was not a leaf out of place or any stray branches.  Perennials were in bloom and the trees were still full.  I had a feeling of stupendous reverence when just walking onto the property.

I feel honored Hannah asked me to sketch something so personal to her!

Brenda Priest
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