Where I come from…

Where I come from is Poquonock, Connecticut.  A micro town outside the airport in Windsor Connecticut.  I have not been here in, 20+ years?  Maybe more.  I drove through on my way to the airport as my friend drove.  I remember so much but so little from that time of my life.  Snippets of a child’s life

  • St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, the stairs I stood on waiting to receive my First Holy Communion
  • Poquonock Elementary School, the big tree in the playground we would sit under and pay Duck-Duck-Goose
  • The small market across the street we stopped in and got a candy after school
  • The pre-school I attended (I had brought my cat as show-and-tell, Thomasina , as we went into school; he jumped out of the box and ran away in the fields, never to be seen again.  Heartbreak for a 4 year-old.)
  • Rice Hardware, my Dad and I would stop in and get a few things, and Jerry Rice, the albino owner, with white hair and red eyes, so scary for me as a child
  • The funeral home and cemetery, where we have a gravestone for my Father.

These are all places and memories of my childhood.  Good, bad or just indifferent, they are places I recall.  I can drive by and see the location and think of the past but I don’t have to live there or be there again, only as a matter of choice.  Still, those memories are strong and my chest still feels tight, just thinking about it.  Wow, how powerful.  I want to explore a bit more in this area, travel down the roads to my home, and take a picture.  I think I want sketch my family home, share it with my siblings.  I have done this process for hundreds of clients now.  Think it’s time for Brenda Ross to go home to 55 Birchwood Road and see the past as Brenda Priest!

Brenda Priest
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