We Draw Emotions!

I did my presentation to the Holly Springs Leads Group yesterday, it went great! I was hoping for a larger audience but it really was better it was smaller (10 people). Apparently many people were still out of town or busy after the holidays. It all turned out fine! I was able to make a 15 minute presentation and showed my portfolio.

In preparation for this I also updated the portfolio. I had not added the past 4 jobs nor had I added any of the floor plans. Lisa had done a bang up job at getting it initially set up, I just got it back up to speed.

When I started the presentation I focused a few moments on emotions. I passed out paper and pencil asking the group to draw the emotions of joy, sorrow, exhilaration and of nostalgia. After they did their little sketches, I said, “Your Door and More can draw emotions! I can draw a picture of a new home and show the joy of a first-time homeowner. I can draw a picture of a home and share the the pure nervous exhilaration of moving to a new location for a job, hoping things work out.  I can draw a picture of a home and share the nostalgia of a home you remember visiting as a young child. I can draw a home and share the sorrow of having to sell your again parents home. All these emotions are what I can draw!

Let us help you share these emotions.

Your Door and More…making it easier to share your home with others!

Brenda Priest and Lisa Drymon

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