I attended a BNI visitor day.  I was actually delivering at finalized drawing of a childhood home to a friend and the best time to meet was at her BNI.  I have attended this meeting before as a substitute.  I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and the level of commitment the chapter members have toward their fellow members.

Being a visitor day, Steve Hand, the Executive Director of BNI gave a 10 minute presentation what BNI is all about.  I had heard all this before but he mentioned V+C=P.  What was that again?

Visibility + Creditability = Profitability. That made me stop and think.  Do I have those two key elements in my business?  Is my end result a Profit?  Still mulling that over but I did determine that what I do as an artist, is a TINY niche market.  Yes, I get out there to the Chamber events, LinkedIn, Leads Groups and Women’s Power Networking.  What is really missing is my visibility.  How can I achieve this on a budget?  The answer came to me in my email inbox!

I met Pat Howlett, creator of InSide919 a number of months ago at the Fuquay-Varina InSide919 hometown group social.  They meet monthly and Pat likes to make his presence occasionally at a new location.  I was excited when I had seen him RSVP on InSide919.  I was planning on introducing myself to him.  We chatted and I gave him my business card.  He seemed honestly interested in what I do as an artist and he said there were many possibilities out there for someone like me with a niche business.  My level of excitement grew, as I too have grown this business one small block at a time for 3 ½ years.  Over the following months, I had seen Pat at several events and never really got a chance to re-connect.

Tuesday in my email inbox was an invite from Pat to become a Network Partner on InSide919.  There is my opportunity for better visibility!  I have been an active member of the community but to have that little logo below my name and be featured and promoted within my own area code, GENIUS!  The benefits are amazing and these are people in my area I already work with.

What is your strategy for increasing your Visibility and Creditability?  I know my visibility will be growing in the next few months and looking forward to that Profitability!

Brenda Priest
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