Time Flies In 2009!

Time is going too quick.  I have been focusing so much time networking and goal setting this month, I have not taken the time to blog about my New Year’s Resolutions.  Yes, at Your Door & More, I set goals for the businesses to be more successful and profitable, lest not forgetting allowing time to donate work to worthy charities and benefits.

I have been attending the Holly Springs Leads Group for over a year, finding many successful contacts and business relationships. I have wanted to try the Cary Leads Group and found many people I know that attend similar groups.  I am fortunate to have the time to attend these informational meetings, its a support network for small business owners.  This week, I also tried the Coffee & Contacts group in Apex.  This group is exclusive to women only (sorry all you masculine beings out there.)  I am finding its a delicate balance between networking and actually doing business, if you spent all your time attending all these meeting there would be no time to do work but you can’t get any work without clients.  A conundrum for sure!

On a more personal note, my children will be “tracked-out” in 7 days so that means less time with my business and more time being Momma.  So I am making hay while the sun shines, reorganized my office, purchased a new chair, floor matte and a new telephone system.  Getting better organized so I can work more efficiently.

Brenda Priest

(photo credit Karen)

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