Time Blocking & Mr. Franklin

Ben Franklin has saved my business!

What does Benjamin Franklin have to do with pen & ink illustrations?  Time management.

I am in the unique position, as a solo-preneur, that all is done by me.  The marketing, materials purchase, client acquisition, sales, production, delivery and the financials.  All in a 6 hour day, minus the running to and from networking events.  The traditional way of handling an over-abundance of work has been to simply drop out of networking events.  i complete the work, then there is no more work, as I have not been networking.  That all had to end.  I am working well into my third year of business.  That is not a way to run a small business, profitably.

In comes Mr. Ben Franklin.  Looking at a page from one of his many books, you can clearly see that he was a huge proponent of allocating so many hours to work, rest, dining and reflection.  He also asked himself, “What good have I done?”  That is a huge question to ponder while falling asleep.

I am dividing my day into set blocks of time, using my http://e.ggtimer.com/ as a check, to keep me on track.  I use Google Calendar.  I can share my calendar with my husband and daughter.  I have categories of YD&M, Family, Personal and other.  We all know who is where and it can be accessed from my Android Smart Phone.

Well, Mr. Franklin, you were a Founding Father of your Country, an Inventor, a Printer and saved Your Door & More!

Brenda Priest
Your Door & More

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