I am so blessed to illustrate as my Career.  Several of my past clients have written up Testimonials for me, I humbly offer them as proof of my work.

“My husband grew up visiting his “Gram” on her family farm in OH. The memories he shares from that place envelop his childhood. Sadly, his Gram is getting older and one will pass on. And, who knows what will happen to the family farm at that point. I brought Brenda a photo of the farm – and pointed out a tree that my husband had given to his Gram at age 8, which now overshadows the yard. Brenda did a wonderful, very true-to-life drawing of the farmhouse, with the tree gracefully hanging in the background. When my husband opened the artwork on Christmas morning, it brought tears to his eyes (and that’s unusual, especially with his in-laws here looking on). Brenda’s work not only captures a location, but the moments in time that make up life. She was a pleasure to work with and deliver just exactly what I was hoping she would.”
Rachel ~ Holly Springs, North Carolina

“I could not be happier with the experience I had working with Brenda. She did a beautiful rendition of our home, made a little change without any trouble, and provided us with high quality cards. She is very easy to work with and really talented. I recommend her and her innovative business to you without reservation.”

“Brenda is a joy to be around and to work with. Her work is impeccable. My cards mailed over the holidays but I enjoy every day the print that hangs in my living room. Light and profound. She has a great eye for detail and a brilliant laugh. It is my pleasure to work with Brenda and to be a member of

Apex leads group and Coffee & Contacts with her.”
Laura ~ Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

“Our son and daughter-in-law gave us a pen and ink of our Lake Home for Christmas this past year. Brenda was a delight to work with and we so enjoyed the front of the house that she did that we had her do a pen and ink of the lake side of the house. We have had many complements on her work and would highly recommend her.
arbara Hilder ~ Washington, DC

“Tirza’s Imports has commissioned Brenda on two separate occasions for Invitations for our 2009 Holiday Open House and for stationary used with store gift cards.|  Ms. Priest has done excellent work and given detail in filling our order. We have referred her services to some of our customers that needed a gift for someone that has everything and where looking for a unique item. In addition the pen illustrations are not limited to residential and can accommodate commercial requests.  Thank you Brenda for your special talent.
Anne M. Acosta ~ Owner, Tirza’s Imports LLC, Apex North Carolina

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