Snow and The Inauguration

The great state of North Carolina has been blanketed with a glorious fluffy coating of snow.  We in Holly Springs have received 7 inches plus, truly unprecedented for this time of year.  Its wonderful.  All schools are closed and most businesses.  The adults can honestly take a snow day and play outside!

We bundled up at 9:30 am for our first foray into the snow with our cul-de-sac neighbors.  We all threw snow balls at each other.  The children tried desperately to sled and the dogs chased after each other.  After getting cold feet and hands, we trudged back in, tossed everything in the dryer and settled in with a cup of hot cocoa to watch the Inauguration process.  After watching the moving festivities and commentary, we lunched on grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches.

We dressed again and went real sledding with other neighbors.  They live on a hill so it was great going down.  We had many photo-ops and headed home again for more cocoa and drying clothes.  Some kids came down for a bit of WII play and board games.

Now we are all exhausted and feeling grumpy.  School has been already called off for tomorrow so its early to bed and start all over again.  Its not planning to thaw until late tomorrow afternoon so Thursday’s school may be canceled or most likely delayed.  The clearing of snow and ice is not a fast process here, the old Southern way of doing it is, let it melt on its own.  Let the kids have the day off.

The Inauguration and festivities are quite moving.  We have been glued to our big screen for hours now.  Watching the pageantry and parades, galas and balls.  I am so proud that I voted and was part of this wonderful country called the United States of America.  To elect an African-American as the 44th President of the US is an amazing awe-filled moment.  I had tears in my eyes when he as giving his speech, as did millions of people.  I could go on and on about this event.  I am just so amazed the power of the people to be lead by one man.  I honestly look forward to reading the paper tomorrow morning, there were many details I missed, I want to take it all in.

As I prepare to head to bed, I am left with a feeling of the utmost contentment.  My family had a great day, all my personal needs are met.  My neighbors had a fun day of fellowship.  My community had a day off to play in the snow and rest.  Our nation had a day of Celebration with the Inauguration of Barack Obama.  The planet had a day to watch our Nation lead in the best Democratic process on earth.

Life is good!

Brenda Priest

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