Question: Have You Ever Drawn Animals?

Never for the main subject of a drawing only an added detail.

This large home in Preston, had a family dog that was 16 years old. He was on his second round of chemo and it was a lost cause. The vet recommended euthanasia. The yellow lab was depicted in his younger years, as the owner needed to remember a happier time with “Freddy”.These deer were a sore subject for this home owner. Living on a large piece of land in West Virginia, he adored the deer, grazing in the field at dawn and dusk. The deer also adored his prize rosebushes. When his daughter commissioned this birthday present for her Father, she wanted to be sure I added the deer, it was a love/hate relationship.A historic barn is not a real barn until it has an animal in it. The Sears property in Cary had a historic barn for nearly 100 years. This barn housed a many horses, all descendants of the original Ghostbuster. This barn was scheduled to be demolished. The owner, Bill Sears, my former employer, was building an assisted living facility on the property and needed to make way. He used the image for family Christmas cards for 2 year and now has a forever image of Ghostbuster and his barn.As soon as I say Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, the first thing that comes to mind is HORSES. I had to draw some racing jockeys mounted on their steeds as they round the first corner of the track. This banner is for sale at the store on-site for Churchill Downs.I am not opposed to sketching animals, it is just not my passion. Have some GREAT referral partners for that, Ingrid Beckman (pencil & pastel), and Jennifer Varela(oil & pastel).


Brenda Priest
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